About 1776 United

We are a youth soccer club with teams starting at U13 and going all the way through to U23, based out of Media, PA and the surrounding area.

Our partner club, Nether United FC, introduces players from 2 to12 years old to the game and has a strong focus on individual player development, with technique being at the heart of that learning. At U13, and as part of 1776 United, the emphasis shifts to developing these players in a team setting.  The technical development does not stop, but it is given more context in a game setting. Players begin to gain a greater insight as to the various roles on a team and how to apply technique to the team's tactics.

With this greater sense of team, our coaches are able to foster a culture and identity for the groups they work with. One of the big reasons to play team sports is to be part of a group who have a common goal and an agreed method of achieving it. When our coaches can create an environment that is appropriate for the team they are leading and the players all commit to the process, the experience is a truly positive one. Player development occurs as each member strives to not only make themselves better but also in order to help their team. When this occurs, a passion for the game is developed as is a desire to keep playing. 

Youth sports should not be a job for the players. The journey, the experiences and the process they commit to is far more important than the final outcome. Once they have finished playing with us and go onto to become student-athletes, students or start their careers, their memories of youth soccer should be based on the enjoyment of the experience, not only where those experiences led. 

Our goal is to find the rare balance between striving for improvement, striving for success and having fun doing it.