Tryout Process & Team Formation

1776 United Team Formation Player Commitment Policy

1. During the tryout process players/families will receive an invitation to join a specific 1776 United team via email, which will be sent by the Club or Head Coach. 1776 will only be using the email address that the player/family used to register for tryouts.

2. Upon receiving the team invitation email, players/families have a period of 24 hours to accept the roster spot. To confirm the roster spot players/families must respond via email AND register online where they will pay the registration/club fee. 

3. After number 2 above is completed, players will receive a team confirmation email with other team details from the head coach or manager. Failure to successfully process payment will result in 1776 United revoking the
roster spot offer.

*Families with specific financial/payment needs must proactively communicate with the club's registrar, Lisa Mcmenamin or any of the club's directors