Supplemental Travel Uniforms and Fan Wear Ordering

Welcome to the 1776 United Supplemental and Fan Wear site. Forgot to order a piece to your uniform, a hoodie?  Need more sox?  Please use the link below to order whatever you need.  Please note that you will also need to know your jersey number so please contact your uniform coordinator for that information.  All orders will be delivered directly to your home.

FAN WEAR is also available in the catalogs below so don't forget to get something for your favorite FAN!

Boys and Girls Travel Catalog

All questions, concerns, problems with your order should be directed to Angelos Team Support at

What's required for each 1776 United player?

1776 United FC Travel Uniforms consist of the following required items and can be ordered online here. Please scroll down to see the uniforms or check out the link. 

  • white home jersey
  • blue away jersey
  • grey training or 3rd jersey
  • white shorts
  • blue sox 
  • white sox 

Recommended is the Adidas orange away jersey, backpack, track jacket and warmup pants

Additionally there are many other great pieces for player and families on the website.