Coaching Staff

1776 United FC is focused on providing the most qualified, dedicated, and proficient coaching staff in the Delaware County area. We feel strongly that by assembling a highly qualified, experienced coaching staff focused on long-term commitment to the Club and players, we will continue to attract the finest coaches in our area and further develop the player talent in the Club. If you are interested in joining our staff, please do not hesitate to contact one us below.

Technical Committee & Staff:

  • Sam Griggs Director of Coaching, 2000, 2001/02, 2006, 2007 Girls Head Coach
  • Karl Reddick Director of Coaching, 2003 Boys and 2006, 2007 Girls Coach
  • Brent Jacquette Technical Committee
2006 and 2007 Girls Coaches
2004/05 Girls Coaches
2000 and 2001/02 Girls Coaches
2007 Boys Coaches
King Saah 2007 Boys 
Scott Spangler 2007 Centurions
2005 and 2005/2006 Boys Coaches
2004 Boys Coaches
Eddie Worley
2003 Boys Coaches
Peter Meredith 
2001/02 Boys Coaches