Club Guide

1776 United focuses solely on the older middle school and high school player and provides a fun and challenging expeirence for these expeirenced travel players. 1776 United offers:

  • Fun, Challenging experience focused on developing older travel soccer players 
  • Development for each individual player as well as a true team experience 
  • Leadership who has coached, played and led youth soccer teams and programs at the national, regional and local level for 20+ years leading to hundreds of youth players getting the chance to play in college and dozens professionally 
  • Proven curriculum specifically designed for the older travel player
  • Smartly organized 9-10 months annually of professionally coached and directed soccer programming that allows players to compete in school sports as well as club soccer.  
  • Direct link to area college staff and facilities to allow for a higher level coaching and overall club experience
  • International standard game only fields for all home games
  • Large club resources offered with a distinctively personal, local club feel that allows teams and families to develop true bonds that last off the field and into young adulthood. 

Why 1776 United?

1776 is the only club in Delaware County focused on the older travel player AND that has a complete player development pathway for the highest level and the developing youth players. It is the only professionally run soccer club with a full-time Director of Coaching and a Technical Committee that is comprised of nationally licensed members who make decisions on curriculum, coaching,  as well as training and competition calendars for each age group.